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Sneaky gag reel filming idk how the quality is and sorry about ugly laughter

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To me it's look like Dean think that demon is who he really is, that it's his nature and only as a demon he can be free. But it's not him, he doesn't need to be demon to be free and he'll know that sooner or later.


Demon!Dean is fascinating to me mostly because he is a manifestation of the poison Dean believes himself to be. And if we consider that this will be Dean embracing what he falsly believes himself to be, embracing what he believes to be his destiny, then what does that say of Sam? Because the question will be posed as to who the real monster is, and it is simultaneously both of them, and neither of them. 

The monstrous thing is not who they are, it’s what they become when they think they have no other choice. It is Sam diving headlong into what he believes to be his destiny, embracing self sacrifice and possibly hurting innocent people for the sake of his brother. It is Dean saying fuck it, this is who I am, this is who I’ve always been I just don’t have to feel bad about it now. 

But it’s also more than that, because it’s Dean free of the baggage his father placed on his shoulders. It’s not all a manifestation of his false self, but rather this fascinating mix of what Dean wants, and what Dean believes himself to be. He’s doing dark things, bad things, hurting people, trying to kill his brother, but he’s doing what he (his demon self at least) wants to do for the first time in a long, long time.

And what Sam is doing is truly the opposite. Saving his brother in and of itself is a GOOD thing, but how he’s going about it is not, and it looks like it will be presented that way. He’s going to extreme lengths, and doing things that Sam maybe would have never done, to find Dean. He’s embracing nothing of his ideal self, but rather swapping roles with Dean in a way. Putting his brother’s survival above all else, even his own sense of right and wrong it would seem.

I could talk about this all day, about what a fascinating look inside Dean his demonic self will provide, how it will ultimately lead to him realizing how GOOD his true self is once he is cured. How he has to feel poison to understand he has nothing of the sort within him. How his embracing the deepest, darkest parts of himself now, will ultimately lead him to the light down the road.



Supernatural cast exiting WB booth

San Diego Comic-Con 2014


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Can we please… for the love of God… talk about Jensen’s hair?!


You can’t tell me I’m the only one who’s all hot and bothered because of it?! Seriously?! Tell me it’s doing things to you, too. I don’t want to be alone in this.