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I’m not positive, but I think the guy out summoning demons into devil’s traps with Sam is David Nykl or “Lester Morris” who is currently listed as being in episodes 1 and 3 on IMDB.  (Not that this is big speculating news or anything, I just like him!)

1 and 3, eh? I wonder if we’ll see only the “truth” of what happened in Sam’s search for Dean in 10x03 then? Like, everything is sugar-coated in. 10x01 and then flashbacks (a “retelling) in 10x03 illuminate the truth?

Maybe so.  That could possibly even be the reason for Dean’s odd clothing changes at the Black Spur?  Dar is listed as being in 1 and 3 as well, although I don’t see Anne Marie in 3 and she’s in both pictures of Dean’s changing outfit.  Of course, IMDB might just be wrong…..